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                        Buy hip flask ,stainless steel stoup [Taiwan] 2011-9-28
                        We manufacture,supplier,wholesale. the stainless steel hip flask,shaker,cups,mini funnel Large quantity and higth quality each month can supply!
                        Buy Stainless Steel Coils [India] 2011-8-26
                        We are interested in buying Stainless Steel Coils in 200, 300 and 400 series, Hot Rolled as well as Cold Rolled Coils.
                        Buy Stainless Steel Baby coils/ secondary Material required - Grade 430 [India] 2011-8-8
                        We are Manufacturers of Stainless Steel Kitchen Products from India. We need following material on Regular basis: Product Sheets/Coils/babycoils Grade 430 Thickness
                        Buy Stainless Steel Scrap/Metal Scrap/Ferrous Metal Scrap [Singapore] 2011-6-30
                        World Metal Recycling Pte Ltd is an International trading company positioning itself into forefront of recycling business in metal scrap. We are fully and dedicatedly engaged into trading of ferrous a
                        Buy Stainless steel cable tie [Taiwan] 2011-6-30
                        we're looking for stainless steel cable tie as follows.8x200 8x300 8x400 8x600 8x800 8x1000 13x200 13x300 13x500 13x750 13x800 13x1000 13x1200.If you're manufacturer, please contact
                        Buy Stainless Steel [India] 2011-6-9
                        I am interested in Stainless Steel Sheets / Coils / Plates in Grade 304, 430, 316. Mix stocklot of Stainless Steel material. Kindly send me offer of material available
                        Buy SUS 201 stainless steel coil [Taiwan] 2011-5-18
                        SUS 201 stainless steel coil thickness : 2.0mm & 1.0mm width : 600mm and above finish : 2B grade : secondary price term : CIF KoaHsiung, Taiwan require quantity : 20MT payment term : 100
                        look to stainless steel kettle [South Korea] 2011-5-17
                        dear sir! we are selling tea & coffee in korea company. we want to make stainless steel kettle like attached picture in china. -useful driping coffee 1.volume : 300 ~ 400cc 2.height : about 1
                        Buy Stainless Steel 316 Floor Plate [South Korea] 2011-5-5
                        Stainless Steel 316 Floor Plate for condtruction
                        Buy Stainless Steel 316 Pipe [South Korea] 2011-4-12
                        Stainless Steel 316 Pipe 1. 3 M Dia 700mm X SCH10 , 36m 2. 15 M Dia 500mm X SCH10 , 180m 3. 78 M Dia 350mm X SCH10 , 936m
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